SOS, Circle City Highland Games and BIG CLASSES!

First of all I would like to congratulate SHOK Fitness’s own Dawn Higgins and Jeff Chapman for winning the Women’s Division and Men’s Division respectively at the 1st Annual Circle City Highland Games.  It goes to show what a little CrossFit training can do.  Also, check out a video blog on the Circle City Highland Games by our own Neal Taflinger at

Second, the Suffer on Saturday class was totally insane.  We had 15 people pushing, pulling and jumping for 30 minutes.  If you were not here, you missed what everyone else will be talking about for weeks.  Don’t miss it again.

Lastly, Friday’s workouts consisted of the 6 am class doing 17 Push Press, 17 Squat, 17 Sit ups, 17 Cals on the rower and 17 Wallball.  The 7:15 am class did 12 18 24 of Clean and Jerk and Burpees.  The “Forge” blitzed 35 double unders, 25 push press, and 15 pull ups.  The evening classes busted out a “FGB” style workout consisting of 1 min of Thrusters, 1 min of Box Jumps, 1 min of Kettle Bell Swings, 1 min of Push ups, 1 min of Cals on rower, and 1 min of Rest all in 5 rounds.

Classes have been blowing up…so if you are not here, I don’t know where you would be.  The best, most intense workouts in Indy are at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit…believe it.

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  1. Brian Sullivan says:

    Did 96 reps on Fridays late class. Another FGB in under a week. Pushed much harder in this one, but should have still gotten 100. Next time.

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