The Revolution has begun!

CrossFitter’s like to joke about the revolution taking place across America.  The insurrection if you will.  Where people are moving away from big box gyms and looking for small box gyms to provide elite fitness.  That is what we do at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit.  We consider ourselves a micro-gym or small box gym that strives for elite level fitness. 

The revolution started for us back in February when we had a morning spot on WTHR with Stephanie Soviar.  She interviewed me and talked about our Commando Krav Maga program.  This spot generated quite a bit of interest for a brand new facility.

Next, SHOK Fitness was asked to do a seminar at IPL for over 400 employees on personal safety.  We also did a personal safety seminar for Kenra Products (hair care company). 

After our seminars we were approached by the Warren Central Owl to do a story on ways students can make themselves safer at home and school.

The revolution continued with the Marion County Jail CERT Team coming in for a training seminar on physical fitness and CrossFit methodology. 

As of this week, we had the Indianapolis Star and Barb Berggoetz come in and talk with us about CrossFit and take pictures of Vince and Debbie demonstrating some of our exercises(thanks Joe L.)

You can see that the revolution has begun here in Indy and continues to grow larger and larger.  People are looking for a new way to work out.  They are tired of all of the fluff and BS that is shoved down their throats, and are looking for the “truth” when it comes to physical fitness. 

Join the Revolution!

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