11/1/07 WOD

Heads up, our new schedule starts Nov. 5.  FYI, we will have a little contest for each of our classes…make sure you are here Monday to find out more info regarding the “class challenge”.  Onto the WOD.

We did a 5×5 today with highpulls and suitcase deadlift (if you don’t know what a suitcase deadlift is, you need to get to SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit to find out).

Names             High Pull               Suitcase Dead lift

Joe S                155                  155

Vince               150                  155

Brett W            135                  155

Kevin               115                  135

P’Pool              105                  135

Debbie             65                    75

Heather            65                    65

Gina                 50                    45

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