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10/18/07 WOD

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Front Squat for Max Load


Names             Weight

Jeff                   300×2

Vince               275×2

Shane               265×2

Brian                245×2

Brett R             225×2

Brett W            225×2

Chris                220×2

Justin B            205×2

Tod                  195×2

P’Pool              175×2

Jon                   165×2

Sandy               75×2

Gina                         75×2

10/17/07 WOD

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

70 Double Unders

35 Power Cleans

35 Box Pushups

35 Wallball

35 Ring Dips

70 Double Unders

600 M Run

115, 95, 65, 45

Names             Time     Weight

Jeff                   13:22            115

Eric H              17:44            115

Vince               18:32            115

Joe L                19:48            115

Steve                20:19            115

Brett W            22:31            115 (1set of double unders)

Jason                16:56            95 (single jump ropes)

Jon                   21:00            95 (single jump ropes)

Justin P 19:03            95 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Justin B            19:45            95 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Tod                  21:57            95 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Simon               21:05            65 (band dips)

Marilyn 19:22            65 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Dawn               26:50            65 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Debbie             19:16            45 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Gina                 20:54            45 (single jump ropes/band dips)

Heather            22:47            45 (single jump ropes/band dips)

10/16/07 WOD

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

“Indoor Helen”

600 M Row

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Pullups

3 Rounds for time

Names             Time     Weight

Jeff                   12:21            55

Vince               14:04            55

Brian                15:28           55

Brett R             16:22            55

Tod                  15:01            55 (jumping pull-ups)

Shawn              15:29            35

Doug                15:57            35

Simon               17:47            35

Erin                  14:05            35 (band pull-ups)

Justin B            14:36            35 (band pull-ups)

Debbie             17:41            35 (band pull-ups)

Heather            18:23            25 (band pull-ups)

Gina                 16:26            15 (jumping pull-ups)

Bill                   22:12            15 (jumping pull-ups)

Sandy               19:19            10 (jumping pull-ups)

Why we compete?

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Many people ask me why we compete?  Why we keep track of our times and why we log all of that information.  There are a few reason why we compete.

Competition brings out effort.  For most people the more intense the competition the greater the effort.  Most of our members at SHOK are former athletes or what we call “hard chargers”.  They enjoy the aspect of competing for time and ranking.  It drives them to push a little harder through a workout.

Competition provides an outlet.  Since time began there has always been competition.  People have competed for food, shelter and land.  It is something that is innate to the human race.  We have a desire to compete and make ourselves better. 

Lastly, competition provides unity.  When people compete against one another it provides them an opportunity to unite through a common bonding experience.

I say all of these things to tell you this.  To be a CrossFitter you do not have to be super competitive.  Anyone can CrossFit at any level.  However, we tell everyone who walks in the door…if you want to hide during your workouts SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit is not going to be the place for you to hide.  Everyone is accountable for their own workout, and everyone is made aware of their times and effort. 

10/15/07 WOD

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

9 Burpees

9 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

9 Push Press

115 95 65 45

Rounds in 20 minutes

Names             Rounds       Weight

Shane               6 2/3                115

Vince               6 1/3                115

Joe L                6                      115

Brett W            5 2/3                115

Steve                8                      95

Jason                6 2/3                95

Brett R             6                      95

Jon                   5                      95

Tod                  4 2/3                95

Erin                  9                      65

Shawn              8 1/3                65

Justin P 8                      65

Chris                4                      65

Marilyn 8 1/3                45/65

Debbie             7 1/3                45

Heather            7                      20/45

Brian                8 2/3                45 (1 arm)


Kevin was so fast up the rope…all I caught was this blur!

10/12 and 10/14/07 WOD’s

Monday, October 15th, 2007


“Bad Angie” (a modified version)

400 M Run

20 Pushups

20 Situps

20 Pullups

20 Squats

5 Rounds for Time

Names             Time   

Kevin               21:08

Vince               23:18

Brett W            24:29

Connor 27:07

Eric H              27:14

Josh                 28:04

Steve                30:11

Brett R             30:46

Erin                  25:13 (band pull-ups)

Joe L                21:47 (jumping pull-ups)

Sandy               24:24 (4 rounds, jumping pull-ups)

Heather            31:24 (4 rounds, jumping pull-ups)

Tod                  25:22 (3 rounds, jumping pull-ups)


100 Burpees

100 Box jumps w/20lb

100 Thrusters w/45lb

Partition as needed, for time.

Jeff   20:47

Justin  24:37

Vince  26:07

What makes us different?

Friday, October 12th, 2007

As many of you know we are a little different at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit.  Our training methodology is different, our training philosophy is different, our gym is different and I think most importantly our people are different.

What I mean by different is that we (the members of SHOK) have a unique outlook on our physical well being. 

I was having this conversation with one of our members yesterday.  I asked this person, “what makes you different then your friends who don’t come to SHOK Fitness?”  He replied, “I don’t know, I just know I feel better and look better!”

That is true when you ask most people why they CrossFit.  They don’t know what makes them different then the vast majority of people who like to walk on treadmills while watching TV or reading a magazine.  They are not sure why the subject themselves to very intense, harsh workouts.  My theory is that our members do so, because they like the results they receive. 

In all honesty, in takes a special individual to CrossFit.  The workouts are Hard (capital H is on purpose), the gym is austere and the instructor will tell you the truth about how you are doing.  There is not a lot of handholding, but there is a lot of motivation and cheering.  What it comes down to is the sense of accomplishment and the life changing results each member of SHOK feels as they finish a workout.  I think that is why our members CrossFit. 

My questions to you are…does your workout give you a sense of accomplishment?  Are you experiencing life changing results?


Kim a proud CrossFitter!

10/11/07 WOD

Friday, October 12th, 2007

We worked the snatch yesterday.



Eric S          145

Brett W      135

Vince          110

John           105

Jason          95

Joe              95

Justin         85

JT               65

Shawn       50

Bill             50

Marilyn     50

New direction!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

As many of you know SHOK Fitness is changing its format starting November 5.  Instead of an open gym format we will be going to a class format.  I have had many people ask me why we have decided to do this, so I thought it might be good that I address the reasons here in the blog. 

The primary reason that I have decided to go to a full class schedule is due to continuity.  This will allow a full group to start at the same time, receive the same instruction and all mutually benefit each other by cheering one another on. 

The second reason is for SHOK’s opportunity to grow.  I truly believe (and looking at some other affiliates business models) that the only way for us to grow will be through classes.  I know there are many people who read this blog who are interested in what we do at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit but have not stepped foot into our building due to various reasons.  I would like to think with our class format they will be more likely to check out one of our classes now.

Lastly, I want to say that I appreciate everyone who has been positive.  This has been a tough decision for me.  I do not take these types of decisions lightly, but I have to think about the viability of SHOK and the way I can serve my clients with the best training in Indiana.


10/10/07 WOD

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

600 Row

20 situps

600 Run

20 Thrusters

400 Row

40 situps

400 Run

40 Thrusters

200 Row

60 Situps

200 Run

60 Thrusters

Thruster weight=65 or 45

Names             Time                      Weight

Jeff                   23:09               65

Shane               25:07               65

Josh                 27:04               65

Steve                27:28               65

Vince               27:41               65

Brett R             32:06               65

Connor 32:09               65

Dave                33:31               65

Justin                33:45               65

Shawn              33:49               65

Jon                   37:31               65

Sarah S            27:39               45

Erin                  28:09               45

Tod                  22:17               45(finished first two steps of the ladder)

Debbie             29:54               20(1 arm)


Connor getting ready for wrestling season.