Train Like a Champion

The other day one of our members wore a Notre Dame sweatshirt (by the way I bleed blue and gold…I know, I know), with a patch that said “Play like a champion”.  Anyone familiar with ND knows that is the sign that hangs above the stairway that leads out of the football players locker room.  It is a reminder that they play to their best abilities and be a champion. 

We at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit must “train like a champion”.  Many of our members are police officers, firefighters and even a few very competitive athletes.  In order for us to maintain a high level of fitness we must train to win and train to our best abilities. 

In order for us to benefit from the full methodology of CrossFit we have to have motivation, heart and a never say die attitude.  These are the same things that are expected of “champions”. 

Make sure your fitness program has you training like a champion…because to be a champion (and lets be honest we all want to be champions in life), you have to train like one.  Go train like a champion today.

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