Many members and potential members ask me why we don’t have a testimonials page (which we will very shortly by the way.)  The major reason I have held off so long with a testimonials page is because most people wouldn’t believe half the stuff that someone told them about CrossFit anyway.  One of our trainers calls SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit a superhero factory.  What he means by this is that CrossFit enables people to do things that they never dreamed possible.

I am going to give you a few of my own personal observation testimonies.  These three people are different ages, different abilities, and different mind sets, but they all have one thing in common…great improvement from day 1.

Bill is 68 years old.  The first time I met Bill, I thought there is no way he is going to be able to do a CrossFit workout, and if he does do the workout, there is no way he is going to come back.  Was I completely wrong.  Bill made it through a very, very light warm up and had to stop his first time in.  He was off for two more days before I saw him again.  However, he did not quit.  More then three months later Bill comes in 3 times a week and does a slightly modified version of our WOD.  Just to give you an idea of how far Bill has come.  The first few weeks he was lucky if he could do 2 push ups.  I have personally seen him do 10+ in a row.  Also, he could not lift the bar over his head.  Again, I have personally seen Bill overhead press 75lbs.  Mind you this is at 68 years old when most people should be out golfing (which Bill does, but he also CrossFit’s.)

The next person is Debbie.  Debbie came in with two friends, who were a little younger then her.  Needless to say, Debbie is still here.  In fact, she is a grandmother (I will not reveal her age), who on her last CrossFit Total (squat, overhead press, deadlift for maximum weight), she had a combined total of 345lbs.  Debbie can do over 20+ push ups in a row (she started by doing knee push ups), does every workout with only very, very slight modification and keeps a smile on her face the whole time.

The last individual is a former athlete.  Shane started with CrossFit and in perfect honesty was a sad state of affairs.  He had trouble doing push ups, sit ups, and even pulling his body weight up.  Since dedicating himself to CrossFit, I have seen Shane progress from a middle of the pack CrossFitter to one of our better CrossFitter’s.  He has gotten incredibly strong, and his fitness has skyrocketed. 

I could have written the same stories about every single member that comes in to SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit.  The question I have for you is what is keeping you from becoming a “super hero”?


Shane on the run

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