Why we compete?

Many people ask me why we compete?  Why we keep track of our times and why we log all of that information.  There are a few reason why we compete.

Competition brings out effort.  For most people the more intense the competition the greater the effort.  Most of our members at SHOK are former athletes or what we call “hard chargers”.  They enjoy the aspect of competing for time and ranking.  It drives them to push a little harder through a workout.

Competition provides an outlet.  Since time began there has always been competition.  People have competed for food, shelter and land.  It is something that is innate to the human race.  We have a desire to compete and make ourselves better. 

Lastly, competition provides unity.  When people compete against one another it provides them an opportunity to unite through a common bonding experience.

I say all of these things to tell you this.  To be a CrossFitter you do not have to be super competitive.  Anyone can CrossFit at any level.  However, we tell everyone who walks in the door…if you want to hide during your workouts SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit is not going to be the place for you to hide.  Everyone is accountable for their own workout, and everyone is made aware of their times and effort. 

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