What makes us different?

As many of you know we are a little different at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit.  Our training methodology is different, our training philosophy is different, our gym is different and I think most importantly our people are different.

What I mean by different is that we (the members of SHOK) have a unique outlook on our physical well being. 

I was having this conversation with one of our members yesterday.  I asked this person, “what makes you different then your friends who don’t come to SHOK Fitness?”  He replied, “I don’t know, I just know I feel better and look better!”

That is true when you ask most people why they CrossFit.  They don’t know what makes them different then the vast majority of people who like to walk on treadmills while watching TV or reading a magazine.  They are not sure why the subject themselves to very intense, harsh workouts.  My theory is that our members do so, because they like the results they receive. 

In all honesty, in takes a special individual to CrossFit.  The workouts are Hard (capital H is on purpose), the gym is austere and the instructor will tell you the truth about how you are doing.  There is not a lot of handholding, but there is a lot of motivation and cheering.  What it comes down to is the sense of accomplishment and the life changing results each member of SHOK feels as they finish a workout.  I think that is why our members CrossFit. 

My questions to you are…does your workout give you a sense of accomplishment?  Are you experiencing life changing results?


Kim a proud CrossFitter!

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