New direction!

As many of you know SHOK Fitness is changing its format starting November 5.  Instead of an open gym format we will be going to a class format.  I have had many people ask me why we have decided to do this, so I thought it might be good that I address the reasons here in the blog. 

The primary reason that I have decided to go to a full class schedule is due to continuity.  This will allow a full group to start at the same time, receive the same instruction and all mutually benefit each other by cheering one another on. 

The second reason is for SHOK’s opportunity to grow.  I truly believe (and looking at some other affiliates business models) that the only way for us to grow will be through classes.  I know there are many people who read this blog who are interested in what we do at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit but have not stepped foot into our building due to various reasons.  I would like to think with our class format they will be more likely to check out one of our classes now.

Lastly, I want to say that I appreciate everyone who has been positive.  This has been a tough decision for me.  I do not take these types of decisions lightly, but I have to think about the viability of SHOK and the way I can serve my clients with the best training in Indiana.


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