9/11/07 WOD

We did Joe’s workout today.  It was his last day before he heads back to Florida.  So in honor of Joe we did the workout he designed.  It was nasty


5 Pullups

5 Handstand Pushups

10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

10 Push Press

Big Dog=95, Pack=65, Pup=45

Names             Rounds            Prescription

Joe H               10.25               Big Dog

Jeff                   9.5                   Big Dog

Eric H              8.25                 Big Dog

Vince               7.75                 Big Dog

Brian                7.5                   Big Dog

Brett W            6.5                   Big Dog

Eric S               6.5                   Big Dog

Shane               6.25                 Big Dog

Ron                  6.25                 Big Dog (box hspu)

Josh                 6                      Big Dog (box hspu)

James S            4.5                   Big Dog (band pull-ups)

Frederick            5                      Pack (box hspu)

Jon                   4                      Pack (box hspu)

Erin                  8                      55lb (band pull-ups)

Angela              8.5                   55lb (band pull-ups, box hspu)

Dawn               6.75                 55lb (jumping pull-ups, box hspu)

Marilyn 8.75                 Pup (band pull-ups)

Natalie             9.5                   Pup (jumping pull-ups)

Kim                  8.75                 Pup (jumping pull-ups, box hspu)

Good job to everyone.  We will miss Joe around SHOK Fitness.  He is a great CrossFitter and puts forth max effort on every workout.  Good luck Joe.


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