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8/16/07 WOD

Friday, August 17th, 2007

We practiced the Zercher Squat today.  We started in the lift position which made it interesting for a lot of folks.


Names             Weight   

Joe H               265                                         

Jeff                   225

Brian                205

Josh                 165

Brett R             155

James S            155

Vince               145

Noel                 135

Sarah E S            105

Shawn              105

Marilyn 100

Dawn               95

Alaina               95

Sarah               95

Theresa            65

Dawn getting ready for the lift.

8/15/07 WOD

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

“The Thrash”

1000 M Row

100 Thrusters

1000 M Run

Big Dog=85lb, Pack=65lb, Pup=45lb

Names             Time            Prescription

Jeff                   17:56            Big Dog

Joe H               20:48            Big Dog

Eric H              21:02            Big Dog

Steve                23:15            Big Dog

Vince               25:31            Big Dog

John                 27:09            Big Dog

Shane               23:04            Pack

Drew                25:46            Pack

Sarah E S            20:12            Pup

Alaina               20:47            Pup

James S            23:56            Pup

Debbie             24:22            Pup

Marilyn 24:46            Pup

Dawn               33:25            Pup

Noel                 39:31            Pup

Raena               18:08            Pup lite

Congrats Joe L.

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Big congrats go out to SHOK Sponsored athlete Joe Lawson for his successful summit of Mt. Elbrus in Russia.  Great job Joe, and we look forward to having you back home soon.  To check out more about Joe’s journey go to


8/14/07 WOD

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

We did a takeoff of “Nicole”.  Rounds in 20 minutes, with max number of pushups after running a 400 meter run.  Score was based upon number of pushups done.

Names             Number

Brett W            280

Eric H              270

Vince               210

Eric S               185

Joe H               185

Jeff                   169

Alaina               145

Drew                145

Ron                  137

Theresa            135

Brian                127

Angela              123

Matt                 116

Debbie             110

Brett R             104

Josh                 95

Erin                  95

James S            90

Great job to everyone especially to those going over 200.  Big numbers.

8/13/07 WOD

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

A fun one today.

50 Left arm Snatches

50 Right arm Snatches

50 Ball Slams

50 Box Jumps

Alpha=45, Big Dog=35, Pack=25, Pup=15

Names             Time                 Prescription

Joe H               9:21                 Alpha

Vince               9:50                 Alpha

Steve                10:04               Alpha

Joe S                10:12               Alpha

Eric H              11:05               Alpha

Brett W            12:31               Alpha

John                 13:26               Alpha

Brian                15:34               Alpha

Ron                  8:10                 Big Dog

Erin                  9:25                 Pack

Theresa            9:28                 Pack

Sarah E S            10:31               Pack

James S            11:057             Pack

Alaina               11:14               Pack

Debbie             12:25               Pack

Angela              13:10               Pack

Noel                 15:33               Pack

Dawn               16:47               Pack

Marilyn 11:29               Pack (12lb ball)

Raena               12:08               Pup

Bill                   6:55                 Pup (1/2)

8/10 and 8/11 WOD’s

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Friday was a tough one.  We did “Crazy Eights”.

8 Burpees

8 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

8 Ring Dips

As many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes.

Alpha=115lb, Big Dog=95lb, Pack=65lb, Pup=45lb.

Names             Rounds              Prescription

Eric H              12                    Alpha

Jeff                   11 1/3              Alpha

Steve                10 2/3              Alpha

Vince               10                    Alpha

Brett W            9                      Alpha

John                 8 1/3                Alpha

Brian                7 1/3                Alpha

Aaron               6 1/3                Alpha

Joe S                6                      Alpha

Drew                7 1/3                Big Dog

James S            8                      Big Dog (bands on dips)

Sarah E S            8                      Pack (bands on dips)

Dawn               7                      Pack (Jumping dips)

Theresa            11                    Pup (bands on dips)

Angela              9 2/3                Pup (bands on dips)

Sarah Smith            9                      Pup (bands on dips)

Aita                  8                      Pup (bands on dips)

Raena               6 2/3                Pup (bands on dips)

Saturday’s workout was different.  We decided to go to a pool and get some water work in.

5 Rounds

600 M Run

25 Pushups

15 M Underwater

15 M Freestyle

Aaron 31:35

Jeff    32:13

Steve 36:04

8/9/07 WOD

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Deadlift today.  Some BIG numbers from everyone today.  I believe almost everybody put up PR’s today or tied their PR.  Great job everyone.

Names             Weight

Jeff                   500lb

Joe H               425lb

Joe S                365lb

Eric S               365lb

Vince               345lb

Steve                335lb

John                 325lb

Aaron               325lb

James S            305lb

Drew                255lb

Alaina               205lb

Aita                  185lb

Marilyn            185lb

Sarah               165lb

Debbie             165lb

Happenings at SHOK Fitness

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

There is lots of stuff going on at SHOK Fitness.  On August 18 we will have a Highland Games Clinic with Pro Lannie Pullon.  If you are interested in attending and learning how to “toss a caber”, throw the weight or put the stone please contact asap. 

Also, we are going to be doing a little pool workout on August 11, if you plan on attending please bring your bathing suit. 

Lastly, I believe we are going to attend the fights at Conseco Fieldhouse on Saturday night.  If you would like to go please let Jeff know asap.

8/8/07 WOD

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

A Scorcher today.

“Simplicity V”

600 M Run

50 Thrusters

3 Rounds for time

Big Dog=65, Pack=55, Pup=45

Names             Time    Prescription

Jeff                   18:53            Big Dog                                         

Joe S                21:37            Big Dog

Joe H               21:54            Big Dog     

Steve                23:35            Big Dog

Ron                  23:45            Big Dog

Eric S               29:17            Big Dog

Brian S 29:31            Big Dog

Brett W            31:04            Big Dog

Drew                31:19            Big Dog

Alaina               26:34            Pup

Sarah E S            26:46            Pup

JT                    27:37            Pup

Debbie             28:09            Pup

Brett R             28:57            Pup

James S            34:31            Pup

Raena               24:40            Pup lite


Brett, Sarah E S, and Brian after a nice hot workout!

8/7/07 WOD

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Tough one today. 

10 Rounds

10 Jumping Squats

200 M Row

10 Knees to elbows

Big Dog=65, Pack=45lb, Pup=Bodyweight

Names             Time    Prescription

Eric H              19:43            Big Dog                                         

Joe H               22:48            Big Dog

John                 23:31            Big Dog     

Ron                  26:00            Big Dog

Vince               27:04            Big Dog

Brian S 27:18            Big Dog

Brett W            28:47            Big Dog

Joe S                29:32            Big Dog

Matt                 29:35            Big Dog

Brett R             25:51            Pack

Theresa            26:36            Pack

Alaina               26:41            Pack

Angela              27:15            Pack

JT                    28:35            Pack

Aaron               29:04            Pack

Sarah S            31:43            Pack

James S            34:31             Pack

Debbie             34:39            Pack

Dawn               35:05            Pack