8/28/07 WOD

A hot one today with a nice mixture of running.

5 rounds for time

100 Ft walking lunge

15 Burpees

200 M Run

Big Dog=40, Pack=30, Pup=20 (for lunges)

Names             Time          Prescription

Eric H              19:11               Big Dog

Jeff                   19:44               Big Dog

Ron                  20:30               Big Dog

John                 22:28               Big Dog

Shane               22:36               Big Dog

Steve                22:44               Big Dog

Joe H               23:09               Big Dog

Angela              23:58               Big Dog

Vince               25:31               Big Dog

Drew                26:12               Big Dog

Brett R             27:13               Big Dog

Brian                31:15               Big Dog

Josh                 21:37               Pack

Shawn              26:06               Pack

JT                    30:42               Pack

James S            30:46               Pack

Theresa            23:06               Pup

Marilyn 23:35               Pup

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