8/17 and 8/18 WOD

We had the choice of two workouts today, “Fran” or “Diane”.


21 15 9

95lb Thruster



21 15 9

225lb Deadlift

Hand Stand Pushups

Names             Time    Workout

Joe H               3:51            Fran                                        

Vince               4:27            Fran

John                 8:48            Fran    

Brian                9:09            Fran

Drew                12:48            Fran

Ron                  8:41            Fran (band pull-ups)

Alaina               6:57            Fran (65lb Thrusters)

Josh                 12:41            Fran (65lb Thrusters)

Noel                 16:41            Fran (65lb thrusters and band pull-ups)

Shawn              10:40            Fran (45lb thruster)

Debbie             7:33            Fran (45lb thruster and band pull-ups)


Steve                7:05            Diane

Brett R             7:55            Diane (Box Pushups)

James S            9:47            Diane (Box Pushups)

Erin                  6:57            Diane (135lb and box pushups)

Dawn               16:20            Diane (135 lb and box pushups)

Theresa            4:27            Diane (95lb and box pushups)

Raena               5:58            Diane (65lb and box pushups)

Bill                   9:00             Diane (45lb and box pushups)

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