8/6/07 WOD

Pretty short one today.

21 15 9

Push Press


Kettlebell Swing

Alpha=135, 55lb, Big Dog=95, 45lb, Pack=65, 35lb, Pup=45, 25lb.

Names             Time    Prescription

Jeff                   7:44            Alpha                                      

Vince               10:20            Alpha

John                 11:05            Alpha  

Eric S               11:10            Alpha

Steve                11:34            Alpha

Eric H              11:40            Alpha

Aaron               19:58            Alpha

Matt                 13:31            Alpha (jumping Pullups)

Ron                  13:07             Big Dog (Band Pullups)

Julie                  8:33            Pack

Alaina               9:01            Pack

Debbie             12:58            Pack (Band Pullups)

James S            8:30            Pack (Jumping Pullups)

Dawn               10:47            Pack (Jumping Pullups)

Theresa            8:31            Pup (Band Pullups)

Raena               7:05            Pup lite


A shout out to Julie H from Virginia who kicked some butt for the last two weeks here at SHOK. 

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