8/1/07 WOD

We did “Simplicity IV” today.  Pretty basic, but somewhat tough.

4 Rounds

400 M Run

40 Overhead Lunges

Alpha=75lb, Big Dog=65, Pack=55, Pup=45

Names             Time    Prescription
Eric H              17:55            Alpha                                      

Jeff                   18:51            Alpha              

John                 19:08            Alpha                                                              

Vince               20:23            Alpha

Steve                20:49            Alpha  

Joe S                21:28            Alpha

Joe H               26:36            Alpha

Ron                  17:48            Big Dog

Matt                 21:29            Big Dog

Brett R             22:50            Big Dog

Shane               23:12            Big Dog

Brian                27:30             Big Dog

Angela              19:41            Pup

Sarah               20:41            Pup

JT                    21:47            Pup

Alaina               22:41            Pup

Christina            25:07            Pup

Sarah E S            25:21            Pup

James S            27:31            Pup

Debbie             31:03            Pup

Dawn               36:17            Pup

Bill                   22:39

Great job to everyone.  To everybody who reads our daily blog, get in here and get a workout done.  Quit thinking about getting in shape and give it a go!

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