7/27 and 7/28/07 WOD

On Friday we decided to do “Murph”.  It consists of: 1 mile, 100 Pullups, 200 Pushups, 300 Squats, and 1 mile run.

Names             Time

Brett W            35:24              

Jeff                   35:32                                      

Vince               38:42              

Alaina               41:41                                                              

JT                    42:00

John                 46:22  

Brian                46:32

Joe S                55:21

Eric S               58:06

Ron                  37:15 (jumping pull-ups)

James T            47:07 (jumping pull-ups)

Matt                 63:10 (jumping pull-ups)

James S            70:31 (jumping pull-ups)     

Jami                 54:33 (Row, jumping pull-ups)

Debbie             29:52 (Smurph, jumping pull-ups)

Saturday we did Painstorm XXVII.  It was made up of 10,000lbs from floor to ceiling with whatever weighted implement you would like to use.  After the lifting of the implement to total 10,000lbs you must carry the implement 800 m.  The ladies did 7,000lbs on this exercise.

Names             Time

Jeff                   20:23                                      

Joe L                28:07              

Eric H              29:31                                                              

Brian                30:47

Angela              23:29  

Sarah S            24:29

Debbie             30:23


Vince, John, Matt and James after a good “Murph”

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