7/25/07 WOD

We did “Simplicity III” today. 

400 M run

20 Hang Power Snatch (we were going to do a full snatch, BUT we struggled with our positioning, there were a few who did a full snatch and they know who they are…good job to them.)

5 Rounds for time

Big Dog=65lb, Pack=55lb, Pup=45lb

Names             Time            Prescription

Brett W            18:03            Big Dog                 

John                 20:57            Big Dog                                         

Joe H               21:49            Big Dog                             

Ron                  22:43            Big Dog                                         

Eric H              22:51            Big Dog

Bayan               23:43              Big Dog                                                     

Joe L                24:03            Big Dog                 

Drew                24:36            Big Dog                 

Joe S                25:04            Big Dog                 

Eric S               25:53            Big Dog

Aaron               28:21            Big Dog

Vince               28:33            Big Dog

Alaina               21:58            Pup

Julie                  28:25            Pup

Debbie             29:05            Pup

Sarah               29:51            Pup

Marilyn 36:36            Pup

Dawn               37:11            Pup


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