7/17/07 WOD

Short, sweet and to the point.

21 15 9



Double Unders

Alpha=225lb, Big Dog=185lb, Pack=135lb, Pup=65lb.

Names             Time                 Prescription    
Joe H               5:53                 Alpha

John                 8:32                 Alpha

Joe S                11:40               Alpha/single jump rope            

Aaron               12:36               BD

Brett W            13:15               BD      

Vince               6:24                 BD/single jump rope                

Eric H              8:47                 BD/single jump rope                            

Brian                9:37                 BD/single jump rope                

Matt M            13:04               BD/single jump rope                

Ron                  6:32                 Pack/single jump rope             

Frederick            10:54               Pack/single jump rope             

Brett R             12:00               Pack/single jump rope             

Drew                12:10               Pack/single jump rope             

JT                    11:10               Pup

Angela              5:20                 Pup/single jump rope              

Debbie             6:14                 Pup/single jump rope              

Alaina               6:24                 Pup/single jump rope              

Tonya               6:31                 Pup/single jump rope

Theresa            7:20                 Pup/single jump rope

James S            13:59               Pup/single jump rope


Ron and Vince just got some CrossFit.

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