5/17, 5/18, 5/19/07 WOD’s

Quite a bit behind. 

5/17 WOD

5x5x5x5x5 Back Squat for Load

Laura 5x155lb

Rick 5x205lb

Marilyn 5x80lb

Vince 5x225lb

Jeff 5x325lb

Shane 5x215lb

Alaina 5x95lb

Joe 5x345lb.


Tabata Terrific…a nasty little interval workout.

Tabata Pushups, Pullups, Squats, Situps, Dips.  Take combined lowest score for all exercises.

Alaina 45, Dawn 34, Marilyn 62, Jeff 51(as RX’d), Bayan 35(as RX’d), Tony 45(as RX’d), Laura 60, Joe 51(as RX’d), Debbie 43.


Alaina, Marilyn, Dawn after the Tabata’s.

5/19/07 Painstorm XXV

Dawn, Laura, Vince, Joe and Jeff showed up to do Painstorm.  Nasty stuff.

500 45lb thrusters for time

I have times for everyone, I just need to double check them.  Great job to Laura, Vince, Dawn, Joe and Jeff for all COMPLETING Painstorm, as it was one that hurt quite a bit.

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