4/19/07 CrossFit Total

A HUGE day at SHOK Fitness today.  We did CrossFit Total which consists of a strict military press, strict below parallel squat, and a strict full deadlift.  Some big numbers today as two people went over the 1000 lb. mark.  Check it out.

Dawn 430lbs., Steve 625lbs., Laura 415 lbs. (a 45 lb improvement over last time), Dave 720 lbs. (first time ever doing power lifts), Matt 655 lbs., Shane 645 lbs., Rusty 615 lbs., Danny 625 lbs., Debbie 275 lbs., (Also first time for power lifts for Shane, Rusty, Danny and Debbie).  Great work.  Joe and Jeff happened to tie at 1010 lbs. with Joe setting a Personal Record in the deadlift with a 425 lb. deadlift at 191 lb. bodyweight.  Great job Joe.


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