4/13 and 4/14/07 WOD’s

Friday was a nice one.

12 Pullups

12 Front Squats

6 KB Snatch (ea. arm)

6 Box Jump Circuits

4 Rounds for time.

Steve 18:50, Jeff 15:47, Jami 27:48, Bayan 26:38, Joe 17:42.

Great job group.

Saturday Joe, Angie and Jeff showed up to do a little “Dirty 30” extended.

30 Wall Ball

30 Calories on Rower

30 Burpees

30 Kettlebell Swing

30 Pullups

30 Thrusters

300 M Run

Jeff 13:39, Joe 13:51, Angie 14:57.  The suffering was short and sweet.

Next Saturday we are going to try and do “Painstorm XXIV”.  For all of you undercover CrossFitter’s here in Indy come out and do the Painstorm with us at 8:30 am.

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