3/16 and 3/17 WOD’s

Friday proved to be a tough one. 

1 min box jumps

1 min pushups

1 min pullups

1 min dips

1 min wallballs

1 min rest

3 rds for score.

Great job to Ben, Jami, Dawn, Jeff and Joe who decided to do a little “Fighting on Friday”.


Dawn working on her third round and pushing through the pain of the dip.  Get some!


Suffer on Saturday was interesting.  We decided to try a workout that has been brought up many places since it is based upon a fairly popular movie that is currently out right now.  I must say our gang did pretty well on it.

Great job to Joe, Jeff, Ben and Justin for blitzing the workout.

25 pullups

50 Deadlifts w/ 135lbs

50 pushups

50 Box jumps

50 Floor wipers

50 Clean and jerk with 75lbs.

25 pullups.

I think that equals “300” reps!

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