Two posts for the price of one.  First, Indy CrossFit did its first Painstorm on Saturday.  For everyone who missed the fun, we will try and Painstorm every month. 



“Short and Sweet” courtesy of CrossFit Manchester.


Thrusters (95# / 40kg)
Cleans (132# / 60kg)
Deadlifts (220# / 100kg)
Pull Ups
Swings (24kg)
Ring Dips
400m Run

Yes, it was hard, but it was a blast!

On Friday we did an old “throwers” workout.

15 12 9


KB Swing (advanced)

Med Ball Explosion

Great job to Jami, Joe and Ben who did the WOD!

I hope to have a little video up this week of Joe and I doing Painstorm XXIII.

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